Avakin Life Hack

Avakin Life Hack – Coins and Gems Cheats 2018

Just like our Avakin life hack tool 2018, the Avakin life is a 3D simulation game that is available online for all teens and adult to play. The game is very easy and straightforward to play. In the game, you are allowed to choose your own avatar by simply making your selection from the lots that were already designed and built into the game for a fast and quick head start. For those of you that would love something more unique and outstanding, there is the option in the Avakin game that allows you to create your own unique avatar by starting from scratch to design and customize your avatar. While this is usually fun and exciting, it may not be suitable for those of you that want a quick start on the game.

avakin life hack

Did I mention that designing and customizing your avatar is not the only cool thing the game allows you full control of? The full control you have in the game goes far beyond the ability to design avatars to choosing and configuring your house according to your preferences and needs. After playing around with the different options built into Avakin, you will be amazed at what you can design and configured based on what your preferences are especially color options.

Features of Avakin Life Mobile Game

There are some special attributes and characteristics that make Avakin one of the most popular and best Simulation role game around the world. In this section, we will examine the features that have made a lot of gamers love it so much.

None PVC Environment: this is perhaps the primary reason that makes playing the game very realistic. The elimination of PVC gaming environment makes the characters which you deal with to be real.

Cool Destinations: Another cool feature that a lot of gamers fancy in this game is the built destinations. So, if you are somebody that love traveling and seeing lots of cool places then you will really be addicted to this mobile game. Why? Because it comes packed with lots of built-in iconic locations that you will never get tired visiting.

Interactive Chat Window: did you know that while playing the game, you can have access to interact with other players of Avakin Life in different locations around the world? With this feature, you are not only limited to seeing how is also playing the game, you are also given the opportunity of interacting with them and converting them from virtual friends into real life friends that you can talk to and share other cool games with.

VR Experience: if you fancy VR and your phone supports it then you are in for an unprecedented gaming experience! Sit back relax and enjoy a firsthand gaming experience once your VR device is properly hooked up to your mobile phone. Phones like LG G6, Samsung Galaxy s8, and S8+ are known to support VR features and you can never go wrong choosing any of the phones as your go-to gaming device.

Endless Customization: This feature makes it possible for any creative gamer to showcase his or her creative potential through the different customization options available. For example, in customizing your avatar, you are allowed to sample lots of options ranging from the color of eyes, nose, shape of the mouth, the color of hair, ears to mouth size and shape, skin color etc.

Stiff Competition: of course, no game can be completed without encouraging any form of competition! In Avakin Life, you are not only allowed to compete with your friends locally but to also compete with other players globally.

Playing this game is not so different from the way you conduct and behave in the real world. For instance, to be comfortable and live a standard life, you need to have money and the same thing is applicable in the game. You cannot buy clothes and perform other customizations and configurations without first having money to spend on those things. Below, are the major currencies that are accepted in the game.


ava coinsThis being the primary acceptable currency in the game, you will hardly achieve anything without avacoins. Styling outfits, ability to visit an iconic place, purchasing Emojis and even your house decoration are few among the many things that you can accomplish with Avacoins. Obviously, surviving in the game would practically be impossible without avacoins. If you are like me then you would already be imagining how these coins can be acquired to ensure that life in the game is lived comfortably.

Completing the different task, signing up and working different jobs, successfully completing and migrating to the next level and of course making use of Avakin Life hack are some of the easy ways that anyone including you can acquire avacoins. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there is the viewing of ads method which allows for quicker coins earning. By simply clicking to view 60 seconds videos, your game profile will be loaded with money for your needs. If you are wondering about how long you can do this then you should know that there is no limitation whatsoever. As matter of fact, you can keep doing it for as long as you wish so far as you don’t tired and eventually you become tired, there is the Avakin Life cheat which you can use.


ava diamondAlthough they are the secondary currency in the game, it is also as important and essential as avacoins. So, you will want to handle and spend it with care. They are used in place of avacoin to acquire those extra items that cannot otherwise be bought using avacoins. Just like the coins discussed in the above paragraph, gems can also be acquired through diverse medium and medium. Few of the avenues for acquiring gems include working special jobs, completing different game levels but the simplest and easiest method still remain making use of Avakin Life Hack.

It is important that you don’t underestimate any of these currencies as both of them are crucial to your success playing the game. The things you can do and achieve with these currencies are huge. Organizing parties and making important friends, visitation to popular places as well as decorating your house to your taste are some of the things that can be achieved with avacoins and gems.

Acquiring these currencies to enable you to buy the things you will need to make your gaming life better can take a lot of patience depending on the method you choose. For instance, the free method which requires you to complete different levels or to keep watching short video ads can take a great chunk of your precious time. If you are impatient and need the coins and gems more quickly, you can resort to buying them from the play-store provided you have the money and willing to spend it on the game. Finally, there is always the free and quick method of getting as many avacoins and gems as you require and that involves making use of Avakin Life Hack.

Finally, before we complete this guide, we do like to highlight some tips and tricks that if followed will ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Avakin Life Game Dos:

Patience: You will need it a lot! Virtually everything in life requires patience and for anyone to successfully play and master this game, a great deal of patience in decorating your avatar and house including other things is essential. Initially, the game might seem difficult and complicated, but as you keep playing it and figuring out how things work, gradually it will become easy and eventually you will begin enjoying the whole process.

Dress Properly: the goal should always be to dress the exact way you want to be addressed. For instance, if you are going on a date, try to get yourself a 3-piece suit.

Daily Reward: It is true that you can’t play the game every day. Our suggestion; in those days that you don’t feel like it, trying logging in just to collect your daily awards. Collecting daily award is not compulsory as the same goal of getting as many coins and gems can be accomplished with the Avakin Life Hack 2017.

Avakin Life Game Don’ts:

Use Your Time Wisely: We can always get more money but time we cannot! So, it is imperative that you make wise use of time while playing the game. Avoid spending too much time on one single activity. For instance, it is would be a waste of time trying to make friends with someone that is clearly not interested. There are lots of players in the game, so move to others when someone shows no interest in becoming your friend.

Limit Your Expenses: there is no point living a lifestyle that you clearly cannot afford. Refrain from visiting exotic and iconic locations when your money is not sufficient! If you must, then you should make use of Avakin Life Hack so that you can acquire enough resources to meet your flamboyant lifestyle.

Get Your Priorities Straight: to succeed, it is imperative that you get your priorities sorted out. If your goal is to be socially popular, then overspending to achieve social status can be considered rational. Else, overspending can be considered reckless.

In summary, playing Avakin Life mobile game can eliminate stress and boredom in your life. By playing it daily, you will be able to take charge and control of your life the way you want without allowing anything to stress you. It is a game for the fashion-conscious guy and lady.